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How to Earn Money Through Bitcoin While Surfing The Internet

A lot of people have been wondering if they mine using their browser. And I tell you now, that it is very possible.
One of the most easiest way to earn bitcoin through mining is CryptoTab.
It is a Google Chrome extension which you can download directly on Chromestore.
I’ve been looking for some payment proofs and I found tons of them.
Which makes me decide that I should better try this one.
For now, I don’t have my own payment proof, but I will post it here once I got mine.
So I would really appreciate if you will register under my link, that would help me a lot to monitor this site.
And if you really work hard on your referrals, I think earning 1 BTC per month is really possible.

Payment Proof

Soon you will see my payment proofs here.


Here are some information for their affiliate program:

  • We are going to pay you 15% of your friends earnings from our own mining capacities as soon as they will install CryptoTab by your personal link.
  • Also, we are going to pay you 10% bonus from our own funds when your friends will lead their friends by their own links.
  • Referral network includes payments for up to 10 levels of friends. Number of levels will be reduced in the future, so hurry up!
  • We pay extra bonuses from our own mining capacities without cutting down your friend’s income.
  • The more your friend’s network grows, more gain you have.
  • Get more than 1 BTC per month! Develop the network and get your rewards!

FREE Way to Earn BTC

  • CryptoTab – this is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to mine Bitcoin while using your Google Chrome.
  • – this is a free site where you can win up to $200 worth of Bitcoin.
  • AdBTC – Earn Bitcoin thru browsing websites.
  • BTCClicks – Earn Bitcoin for every sites you view.

CryptoTab FAQ’s

How do I use the plugin?

Simply download the plugin and you will begin mining automatically. You will be mining as long as Google Chrome is open.

How long does it take before I can withdraw?

It depends on how often you keep Chrome open on a daily basis, but the minimum recommended withdrawal is 0.001 BTC, which usually only takes a few months to achieve.

How can I increase my Bitcoin earning speed?

The best way to earn more Bitcoins is to invite as many friends as possible by your personal link and motivate them to lead their friends. The bigger referral network you develop, the more income you will get, and it will grow exponentially. Our referral network includes up to 10 levels of friends.

How to increase mining speed without inviting friends?

You can adjust Bitcoin mining speed from the switch menu on a bottom pane of the plugin. Change value from Normal to High mode to use your CPU power to the maximum. You can reduce the mining speed down or turn it off altogether at any time.

I downloaded the plugin but it wont start mining?

It means that you have a security system that is blocking mining script CoinHive.js. You need to add CryptoTab or CoinHive.js to whitelist in your security system.

What if I accidentally delete CryptoTab or my computer stops working?

We recommend you to press Login and sign in your Facebook or Google account after the plugin installation. After that your Bitcoin balance and referral network will be automatically saved. To restore your account on a new device, you need to download CryptoTab, press Login and sign in with your Facebook or Google account.


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