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Project GanDavao: We Are Davao And We Choose Love

With Davao Eagle Online’s advocacy to promote the Davao Region by utilizing social media, the team has recently relaunched Project #GanDavao which aims to promote the beauty of Southern Mindanao through its people.

It is not unknown to us that there have been countless attacks against our people on social media ever since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office in 2016. In an instant, our adversities have become an entertainment to some. People on Facebook and other social media platforms condemn us for being Davaoeños, blaming our misfortunes to the president.

This year, the Davao Eagle Online team has decided to remake #GanDavao and use the platform to correct the common misconception about our place or at least show the online community that DAVAO isn’t just a city but a whole, united region in Southern Philippines. We want to send the message to our countrymen that Davao Region has a lot to offer more than what they see in the mainstream media. That instead of bashing the president’s detractors, why don’t we show them what we’ve got here — our awesome places, our rich and diverse culture, our talented and loving people. Thru this project, we also hope to open more opportunities for our local artists, musicians, including the cultural acts to find a venue for them to really showcase their talents and earn thru their craft.

We have gathered some local artists and social media influencers in the region to help us send a message of LOVE. We want to send a message to our fellow Filipinos that we are done fighting fire with fire in this nonsense war on social media; that we choose love over hatred and fear, hoping this would open the hearts and minds of the Davaoeño masses — that it is not yet too late to start making the change ourselves. We believe that we are at a crucial time where our actions today as conscious, responsible citizens will determine our future as a nation.

The song was written by Fatima Maruhomadil, produced and arranged by Khail Tuboro (Khail SOLO) and features rap verses by Jovanny Sumabal and additional vocals from several other recording artists, including Maric Gavino, Thea Pitogo, Chrisel Joy dela Cruz, Pao Lofranco, Earl Aquino, Pau Pau Tolentino, The Echoistic (Ernest, Paula, Andrea, JR M. Galura) ,Blaine Corda Nasser, Cherry Lyn Acero Mayormita, Chierald Cadiente Tan, Christian Faunillan, Chud Festejo, Normilah Mae Ojendras Villanueva, Gracel Maganding, Eamarie Gilayo ,Nairud sa Wabad (Tatot Libres, Earl Gioielli), Ville Oliver Lonzaga, Mel Brian Agonia Ojendras, JR Oclarit, Madayaw Cultural Ensemble ,Davao Conyo (Phillip Te Hernandez), Lara Borrega , Mans To ,Rashley Ipanag and Ren Grace that formed the group “One Davao Artists”.

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